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The most fundamental and tiresome task of a real estate agent or a company is to find out new clients and leads.

Prop Sender will assist you targeted email campaigns

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Email Marketing For Real Estate

For years email marketing has been used by big-business powerhouses to streamline communication efforts and expand their loyal customer base. It wasn’t until recently, however, that small business and independent professionals started capitalizing on the benefits of email marketing by using it as a means of reaching a larger target audience in an efficient and effective manner. Real Estate professionals, in particular, can find a great deal of success my designing and implementing an email marketing campaign

Prop Sender provides a better, efficient and effortless way of doing marketing, where you get to target on much broader audiences by sending them emails. Prop Sender, expertise in real estate email marketing solutions can help Real estate agents and real estate companies in targeting the right segment of audience. Prop Sender got a high email deliverability, so realtors can be assured that their property promotional & marketing emails are delivered right to inbox

  • Target an existing property owner or target a new buyer, we got you covered on the right DATABASE
  • Our data is completely cleaned & verified, so just relax as we care about our own IP reputation & avoid blacklisting of our servers
  • We got less than 1% bounce ratio from any of our campaigns. That means 99% of our email are DELIVERABLE
  • We got Targeted, Segmented, verified & valid data
  • We provide exclusive email marketing services for REAL ESTATE industry ONLY
  • Our focus & goal is acquiring potential data of property buyers and new prospects interested in real estate segment which makes our database more and more stronger day by day

Like any other marketing strategy, email marketing can make or break a deal. Any email takes a split of a second to grab users attention, which is why an email has got to be formatted and designed wisely with an engaging content for users to give it a chance and actually view it.

Kicking off an email marketing campaign is not that expensive with Prop Sender. We know your target market & audience and we got them already. However, it needs to be well done by using the right tools to increase leads and make more sales

How Email Marketing Benefits for Real Estate Industry?